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Jeka Fish

A supreme producer of line caught cod

Jeka Fish was founded in 1985 and specialises in cod caught in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans using longline fishing. The company provides wet-salted, lightly salted and re-fresh products all year round. Products are produced in modern and advanced production facilities.  

Main products are:

  • Wet salted cod fillets
  • IQF light salted cod fillets and portions 
  • Re-fresh cod loins, fillets and tails
  • Re-fresh lightly salted cod loins, fillets and tails
  • Consumer packed cod. Re-fresh, salted/light salted and desalted. 
  • Fish cakes and fish burgers
  • Cod mince 

Jeka Fish offers both just in time deliveries and long term contracts with fixed price and quantities.