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The Jeka Group company history

From a traditional fish processor to an international and diversified seafood group

Our history begins with the establishment of Jeka Fish back in 1985. The company was started by two local entrepreneurs, and started as a traditional fish processor, of local caught fish. Throughout the years the company developed and started to import frozen at sea longline cod in order to secure the best raw material and consistent supply. Today Jeka Fish is one of the biggest producers of wet salted cod fillets, and is specialized in the production of line-caught cod, from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. 

As a part of a new diversification strategy, and to get access to new distribution channels, Jeka Fish bought the shellfish producer Cimbric in 2009. In 2014 Cimbric was relocated to Jeka Fish's premises in Lemvig, in order to exploit the synergies between the two companies. 

Two years later in 2016 Jeka Fish agreed with Norwegian Hitramat to start the first production of brown crab in Denmark. The plant was build side by side with Jeka Fish and Cimbric. The company was named Nordisk Krabbe Kompagni (Nordic Crab Company) and started production in august 2016. 

From being a traditional fish processor Jeka Fish has developed into a strong group of seafood companies specialized in a wide range of seafood products.

Today alle companies and brands are gathered under the Group umbrella Jeka Group