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Longline Fish - Fresh frozen at sea for best quality

We specialise in line-caught cod, and we offer both wet-salted, lightly salted and refresh products all year round. 

Longline fishing is used for harvesting all the cod Jeka Fish processes and supplies to our customers. 

Jeka Fish offers a wide assortment of products from line caught cod. 

The fish is treated in the best possible way from its caught alive by hook, one by one, until the fish is frozen on board within three hours. This ensures a quality of the highest standard and is considered fresher than fresh. 

Longline fishing ensures minimal impact on ocean floor habitats, and is considered as a passive, environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method. 

When we deliver fish to our valued customers we guarantee

  • Sustainability: All our cod from Alaska comes from a sustainable fishery and is fully MSC certified
  • Traceability: All our fish is fully traceable

For further information, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.