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We inspire to choose quality. Every time.

Our roots go back all the way to 1964. Ever since we have been inspiring our customers to choose products of particularly high quality.

Our success is based on fine raw materials, gentle catching and production methods and, ultimately, straightforward products. With respect for raw materials, we create superbtaste experiences without compromising anywhere in our value chain. This imposes high requirements on our suppliers, employees and production methods.

All year round, we provide a wide and attractive selection of seafood products from recognised suppliers. With our fresh, gently-processed products we will inspire you to make a quality-conscious choice. It’s worth it

A strong resource

The sea is our natural element – because Jeka Fish is based in the Port of Lemvig, Denmark, where we feel the breezes off the North Sea every single day. This sharpens our focus and reaffirms our belief that the sea is an eternal source of health and growth.

Jeka Fish comprises a number of different productions and brands. We share the same set of values and make the same high demands on quality. Together we provide a wide range of quality seafood products and we will happily develop new ones. We look forward to enhancing quality together with you. 


Our mission at Jeka Fish is to inspire and provide our customers with the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood products in the marketplace.

With the word "inspire" we mean that we want to be at the forefront in the processing of seafood and actively participate in the development of new products in cooperation with our customers


To be on of the leaders within fresh chilled processed seafood, delivering both standardized, customized and value-added seafood products to our customers. 

Company values

PRIDE in what we do. LOYALTY to our products, brand and company. BEST IN CLASS in what we do.