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Nordisk Krabbe Kompagni

Quality crab products and shellfish from Denmark

Nordisk Krabbe Kompagni arose in 2016 in cooperation with the Norwegian company Hitramat, the world’s largest producer of edible crab. Their long-standing experience ensures unsurpassed quality from catch to processing.

The company is processing brown crab and whelks from the North Sea. Day boats are catching the crabs and whelks with pots. The catch is delivered fresh each day to the factory. Short distance from catch to processing ensures the best quality.

The Company offers:

  • Cooked crab claws
  • Cooked whole crab
  • Dressed crab
  • White crab meat
  • Brown crab meat
  • Cooked and raw whelks IQF
  • Cooked and raw whelks fresh